— Officiell hemsida för Sveriges största rockband

Den vänstra stranden – video

16 juni 2016


Director: Joanna Nordahl
DOP: Josephine Owe
Producer: Simon Hernadi

Starring: Sophie Augot
Co starring: Anja Fougea, Xamira Zuloaga, Lisa Raeder

1st Assistant Camera: Johnny Isaksson
Stylist: Linn Eklund
Coordinator Paris: Damien Gabriel Aratohn Coordinator Stockholm: Kim Jansson

Editor: David Stevens (Assembly Rooms)
Post production Supervisor: Ryan Hancocks (MPC London)
Telecine: George K. (MPC)
VFX: MPC London
Sound design and mix: Ulf Blomqvist (Red Pipe) Sound assist: Anton Ahlberg (Red Pipe)

An INDIO production /

Special thanks to Joakim Berg, Robin Robles, the Fougea family, our INDIO family, Ljud & Bildmedia

  • detroit

    beautiful video

  • Commentariat

    She dies in the end, right? I don’t know what white roses signify in Sweden.

  • Madeleine Grünewald

    If you love France, come over to visit!!!

  • J.G.

    KENT’s songs like this one have inspired me to take a pen and try to write some music, to take a guitar and drum sticks and see if I could create some tunes & rhythms and to wonder if I dare to use my voice to get the lyrics alive. Thank you for that! You can see my tribute to KENT at YouTube: G&T – Klåpare, Egoister, Nihilister och Töntar (2016).

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