— Tidigare officiell hemsida för Sveriges största rockband


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Jonas Håland april 20, 2019 kl. 00:58

Jag talar inte svenska. I am from Norway and my favorite band of all time is Kent. My favorite song of all time is “400 slag” and my favorite album of all time is “Du och jag döden”. It would be a dream to come true if there were more merchandise of the “Du och jag döden” albumet. Like a t-shirt with the album cover on it, a cup/mug with the album cover on it and a poster of the album cover. I think the artwork is one of the best artworks ever done and I absolutely love it. I can study the artwork for hours and I still would be amazed by it. I really hope that you could take it into consideration to have more of the “Du och jag döden” albumet merchandises. If you can pull something off then thank you so very much.

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