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I natt vann Kent pris i kategorin Best Nordic Act på MTV Europe Music Awards i Barcelona

Kent var nominerade tillsammans med Röyksopp, The Crash, Saybia och The Hives.


Swedish rockers Kent are the winners of the “Best Nordic Act” award at the 2002 MTV Europe Music Awards in Barcelona. We gave them a call and managed to get a few comments from a very, very happy Markus Mustonen.

First of all, congratulations! Are you pleased to be the best band in Northern Europe?

Yeah, extremely pleased actually because the bands in this category are really, really good. We love Röyksopp and The Hives of course, they´re old friends of ours. We´re really pleased and very, very happy!

What was the band´s first reaction to the victory?

I was really surprised beacause I´ve always thought that we´re a small band, especially in Denmark. But we just toured in Denmark and it´s been fantastic and the people seem to turn up to the show. But of course, in Sweden we have a lot of fans. You know, what can you say? It´s fantastic!

How will you celebrate this now?

Well, I don´t know. I´m going to have a beer first and then a glass of wine and then let´s see if we´re going to have some other things. Barcelona is a really good place to be if you want to party, so I think we´re going to have a good night.

You were nominated in the Best Nordic Act category together with The Hives, Saybia, The Crash and Röyksopp. Pretty stiff competition. Did you expect to win?

No, we didn´t expect to win because, I mean… The Hives for example, are really, really good and they´re doing very well both in Europe and outside Europe. All bands that play music like The Hives are really big right now and the whole situation for those bands is good at the moment. We didn´t know that people liked us in that sort of way. It´s quite big to win this award. It´s cool!

This award is voted by the viewers of MTV. What does this victory mean to you in terms of recognition and appreciation?

It´s always fun to win a prize where the audience and the viewers have voted for you. And it feels better, of course, than winning a jury´s prize. It means a lot. It means that we have the people behind us. I mean, we really want to go back into the studio again and make a new album and it´s always fun to know that people are supporting us.

Among all the awards you´ve won, how would you rate this one?

Well, it´s certainly the biggest party! [Laughs] It´s Barcelona and it´s a great city and I actually think we rank this as our biggest victory yet. We´ve won a couple of Grammy´s and “Rockbjörn´s” in Sweden, but this is the biggest.

You´re currently out on a big tour around Northern Europe. How´s that going?

It´s going really well actually. It´s a kind of arena tour, we´re playing at big places. We´ve just been to Norway and it´s fantastic, and Denmark as well. It´s like a success train if you can say it like that. [Laugh]

You´ve done both Norway and Denmark and at the moment you´re gigging in Finland. A couple of you guys are Finnish. Is it a special feeling for you to play over there?

Yeah, it used to be when we started to tour in Finland. But now it´s pretty much the same everywhere we go. The audience is quite the same. Finnish people are a bit special and of course you feel it when you come to your home country. But all in all, it´s not very different from other countries.

You´ll end the tour in Stockholm in the beginning of December. The Sounds will be opening up for you. How come you chose them to support you?

The thing is that we have another band on tour now called Melody Club and they are really good. We wanted both Melody Club and The Sounds but we realised that it would be a bit too much. Three bands on the same night is a lot if you go to a concert so it just happened that Melody Club came along all the way and The Sounds are with us in the biggest cities. When we started out 15 years ago we always wanted to play at the big arenas, so it´s always fun to help smaller bands in their careers. We really liked The Sounds´ first single and decided that we wanted them. And it was the same with Melody Club.

What have you got lined up for next year?

Actually we haven´t thought that much about it as we´re right in the middle of a tour. But we´ll probably take a break for half a year, at least, cause we´ve been touring the whole year now. The main plan is to start working on a new album sometime late next year. We haven´t really decided yet.

Have you got any ideas for the album as of yet?

Well, Joakim has a couple of songs and stuff. He always writes music. But we don´t any plans in the way that we know exactly how it´s going to sound… It´ll probably sound really different from the last album, but we don´t know really.

Thanks Marcus, and once again, congratulations!

Thank you very much! Thanks!

/ Niklas Wallenberg

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